Pinoy Wrestling (A Film Walkthrough)

Friday, February 23, 2007

It begins with a monlogue...

"They say truth is stranger than fiction, for those who doubt this statement will do well into looking into the case of the spectacular up and coming Pinoy wrestler called LAWIN The BIRDMAN. Lawin's fascination with wild birds began at an early age. Before a fight he can be found here where Lawin says that he feels he's one with the universe. The energy that flows within Lawin is terribly overwhelming. He solves this predicament by unleashing this energy in Pinoy Wrestling..."

This film clip has so many features I'd like to point out, I'm actually panicking trying to think where I should start. Ok ok. Here are some points in this very fine vintage film from the late 80's that you should consider before or after watching the film:

- Pinoy wrestling is different from WWE in only one aspect. Wrestlers in Pinoy Wrestling do not control their slams. Apparently, nobody got aorund to tell them professional wrestling is more of doing stunts than actually doing damage. In a way, Pinoy Wrestling is like a stage play of Les Miserables, but they use real guns onstage. And, inevitably, real blood.

- I'm not really that much into cinematography, but I think putting in music for a Richard Simmons exercise video in Lawin The Birdman's clip is just wrong.

- Notice the fine construction of the English narrative above. Note that this is Filipino sports. Perhaps this is a sign that 20 years ago we were more English literate than we are now.

- Lawin The Birdman? What the fuck. Any vignette that involves feather-wearing men walking around a zoo with their top off should not be allowed in public TV. Not even on cable.

- The names are insanely humorous. Max Buyawa, Lawin, and of course, the midget in the leather suit running around the side of the ring, "Mikrobyo" are fine examples of this outsanding sport of men.

- The announcers are retarded. Here are some of their more memorable lines:
- "Malamang. Malamang sya...." (malamang na?)
- "Inulo nya! Inulo nya ulit!" (during video of Max shoulder ramming Lawin)
- "Kung tayo yan, bali-bali na ang ulo natin..."

- Fake ambiance taken from a cockpit gets constantly played even when the audience in the background are obviously far from being in a raving/cheering/clapping mood.

- After taking the time building up Lawin The Birdman's hype, he loses anyway. And badly. And the announcers pretend they never tried to build him up throughout the course of the match.

This film rocks.

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zero voltage said...

Nice post :D One of the things I neglected to search for in youtube.

I'm a huge wrestling (WWE) fan. I think Pinoy wrestling could have ruled if the promotion had more budget and talents.

The matches held wherever. No pyro. Poor entrance music and character build up. The wrestlers were just tv stunt men who lack "real" wrestling skills and charisma. But I guess that's why people watched it ... for a good laugh :D


About the "real blood" part. Pro Wrestling elsewhere do use real blood. They cut themselves intentionally for the effect.


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