Thursday, February 15, 2007

High treason is in the air. People are attempting to block the entry of the world's soon to be greatest politician in the Philippine arena ( a special lol for this one). We the unworthy legions cannot accept this. Who else can lead us to total paradise (i.e. the afterlife) through drastic change (i.e. death)?

Total GOMANATION must not be resisted.


They are wrong.

Richard Gomez will become senator, president, and pope.

It's manifest destiny.

Richard Gomez can be an actor AND a politician.

Haven't you guys seen the Highschool Musical? (LOLOLOLOL)

He's so flexible, he even has a nickname based on rubber.

And what do we rely on when having unprotected sex?

That's right. Rubber.

Because Philippine politics is like that.

Having unprotected sex with people we don't know for reasons we don't understand.

Goma doesn't screw around. Goma wraps around the screw, if you know what I mean.

So who's it going to be, the rubber or the assholes? That's right.

Goma for Senator. Maybe if we vote enough, he'll win so hard he can instantly become president too.

(this post was paid for by Secret Society of Richard Gomez's Friends)


FiSHCAKE said...

Richard Gomez?

Kill me now.

Anonymous said...

*shoots someone's head and then commits suicide*

alvin said...

brilliant post


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