The Italians Will Inherit The World.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I really think Italian food is the solution to the world's food shortage problem. I ordered a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs last night in some fancy Italian restaurant. Me being a hungry mother*ucker, I started chowing it down as soon as the waiter removed her hands from harm's way (i.e. the space between the spaghetti and my mouth)

Two hours and three glasses of bottomless Iced tea later, I'm still downing the same bowl, not even emptying the goddamn dish halfway. It's like I'm Hercules and I'm trying to eat a pasta version of the hydra. It's like the noodles are just growing back - and my stomach wasn't getting any bigger. It's like an uphill fight with me paralyzed halfway down.

And then there were the meatballs. I distinctly remember eating half of a meatball for every three forkfulls of noodles I gobbled down. I could've sworn those stroke inducers grew back the parts they lost the moment I take my eyes off the meatball. Like if I split them in two, two meatballs start forming. Zombie meatballs, I tell you. Zombies.

If we had more dishes like these, I bet we could feed entire nations with just bowlfuls of spaghetti. Jesus Christ's fish and bread got nothing on this dish.

I left the place with the spaghettti bowl almost untouched.

Fucking Italians.

Reasons for the lack of updates over the weekend:
1. Downed internet connection at home.
2. Trip to HK a few hours ago.
3. Life, libido, the works.

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