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Friday, February 09, 2007

Everywhere online nowadays, it seems everybody's bitching about Globe's raised prepaid unlimited texting/sms price rate. From 50 pesos every 5 days, it's changed to 80 pesos per five days. For all you non-flips out there, that's a raise from one US dollar all-you-can-SMS bonanza to say, one dollar and sixty cents.


Cry me a river and go drown in it. Why the fuss? It's just a raise. What I don't get is that these shits of customers think they're being robbed with this promo. What? How can a promo rob you? It's a PROMO. A promotion. That means no matter what, it's still cheaper than what you used to have. And it's not like you're obliged to take it.

Many people are calling it a rape of customer rights and kept on comparing it to when Globe started charging 1 peso per text message sent. No. This is different. Back then, we were FORCED to pay one peso per text message sent. Now, it's just an option. You can not avail of the promo and stick to the one peso per text rate.

Just to sample the cockery, these whiners have come up with, we have this "power petition". Great. I have news for you, EDSA mentality does not solve everything. It's just mob mentality without the proper cause.

To: National Telecommunications Commission

We, subcribers of Globe and citizens of the Philippines, demand that the Commission withdraw its approval of the new Globe unlimited texting promo which replaced Globe Unlimitxt and resulted in a price increase. The NTC must stop it immediately and restore the old unlimited texting rates.

We feel aggrieved and insulted by the sudden change, the lack of prior consultation or public hearing and the absence of complete information on the new Globe unlimited texting service approved by the Commission.

We condemn the deception of Globe Telecom. The stoppage of Globe Unlimitxt and its replacement by the new promo has resulted in a 100 percent increase in unlimited texting rates. From P50.00 for five days, the rate is now P80.00 for four days. Such a price hike should be taken back by Globe and authorization withdrawn by the NTC. The NTC should closely study all new promos that purportedly provide "wider choices" but turn out to be so deceptively and cleverly crafted to sneak in a price hike. Thus, the NTC is duty bound to correct its mistake by ordering Globe to bring back Globe Unlimitxt.

We urge the NTC to take a pro-consumer stand vis-a-vis telecommunications corporations who are known for disrespecting and abusing subscribers through unfair promos, warrantless price hikes, arbitrary pricing, low quality services, and bad customer service.

We demand immediate action from the Commission. The NTC must respond to the consumer complaint filed by TXTPower on Feb. 1, 2007 which we fully support.

The Undersigned

Just so you know, TXTPOWER.ORG is just trying to earn from the hype. It's not pro your cause. The site is pro "lemme get some money off this issue". See those google ads? The sponsors? Wake the hell up.

Regulatory boards are for regular prices, not promotional rates. Have you seen people boycotting SM's midnight madness because not "all" of their goods are on 50% discount? NO.

You guys are acting like diabetics in bad need of insulin. The only difference is that while crying on an empty stock of insulin, there are other alternatives - like Sun and Smart. Bad analogy, insulin is a need. Short message service is a want. Wanting more of wants makes you no better than a drug addict.

Go switch networks. No, really. With more than FIFTEEN million subscribers, Globe wouldn't care less if you and your family switched to Sun. Seriously. And perhaps you're doing all us a favor by sending your abusive sms-addiction to other networks.

And then you cry "But Jet, what about my number?"

Hey, you're too cheap to pay regular. That means you're too cheap to pay for your number too. In the old days, cheapskates like you get disconnected faster than analog.

But since I'm kind like a saint, I have a better alternative for you. It's better than SMS and it's unlimited too. You wanna know more about it? Okay. Get your pen ready. Here it is:


What? It's not portable? Okay. I have a better suggestion.

Go talk to whoever you want to talk to in person . Your spllng might improve too.

Get off the air if you don't want to pay fair, faggots. That's the same air I'm breathing and I don't want to get infected with your delirious addiction. And for the last time NO, GODDAMNIT. Blogging all you want will not change a big corporation's view on things. You are not special.

Well, not that kind of special.

More like shortbus, wear a helmet, and go by the nickname "retard" kind of special.



I have an idea. Why don't the government just take over our communications corporations so they can regulate the pricerates there and ensure that very minimal profit is made and the "real" price of SMS usage is maintained? And then we'll just have to get SMS rights proportional to the amount of work that we do. While we're at it, let's do that to every single industry we have in the country. Then, let's just change our nation's name to "People's Republic of The Philippines" and call our president "Chairman". Let's add more red to our flag, and maybe a hammer and sickle.

God bless your communist thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

you're so mean... just kiddin'!=) anyway,i agree with you.. rather than just ranting on the so called "rollback" (that's what i call it) it would be alot better if they'd just switch to other networks.there's an awful lot to choose from,and they could choose the network that matches their "NEEDS". i'm not being rude or anything,but there's nothing much they could do about it.right? so why bother..



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