The Fastfood Is Not A Place For Family Decisions

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Okay, I may have ranted about something similar before but I just feel compelled to talk about it again - because it happened to me just now again.

So there I was, in line at the cashier of Jolibee when the turn of the two people in front of me came up. From how they looked (i.e. both ugly) they were a couple. I patiently waited for them to finish giving their orders to the cashier - I had time to kill, so I wasn't really paying attention.

Then five minutes passed.

Then ten minutes.

After that, it wasn't time I wanted to kill anymore. I've killed enough time - and I wanted to kill something else. The two people were STILL ordering. Everytime they'd look at a menu item, it's like they're having decisions about family fucking planning.

Guy: How about french fries?
Girl: Oh I don't know... I don't think we're ready yet.
Guy: It's okay. We can handle it.
Girl: Sure... but only if it's regular.
Guy: Okay regular. Ketchup?
Girl: What did the doctor say about ketchup?
Guy: I can't remember.
Girl: Maybe we should get the mayonnaise instead.
Guy: Good call.
Dying cashier: SO YOU WANT THE FRIES?
Guy and Girl: *looks at each other then looks at the cashier* We'll take it!
Girl: Okay, what's next on the menu?

I felt like the stupid banker from Deal or No Deal who always stands behind silhouettes like some child abuse victim. For the love of everything holy, hungry, and Go Bigtime, SAY DEAL ALREADY. I want my breakfast! If these two were in that show, Kris Aquino would be having a baby already and they'd still be deciding whether or not they should open the fourth case.

Listen. The fastfood is called so because food is supposed to be delivered fast. Unfortunately, the fastfood is only as fast as the guy in front of you in the queue. If you have some shred of decency in your soul, the moment you get in line, start thinking/debating/legislating already about what you're going to eat so that when you arrive at the cashier, you just have to "place" your order and not "philosophize" about whether or not humanity is ready for your regular yum with cheese.

As an ending to the story, I finally got what I wanted. But not because I waited for those two. I had to transfer to another cashier yet again.

There still is no justice in this world.

In other news, after posting the coke article, the traffic of this site went triple its daily average. WTF Vagoo.

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