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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Which type of senator do you think you are? Take this simple quiz and find out.

1. Do you think you can talk to animals?

a) Yes, but like everybody else, they just dont understand.
b) No, but if I could, I'll convince them to vote for me so I can better protect their needs.
c) Who sent you? The Lion King? For the last time tell his highness to stay clear of the Elephant Graveyard!

2. A cake is on the table with nobody around. You find the urge to:

a) Eat it.
b) Report to the authorities of a potential terrorist implement.
c) Eat it and then say you've successfuly diffused a potential terrorist implement at a presscon.

3. What do you think of Turon and Mineral Water?

a) Never seen them together in my entire life.
b) Staple food for senate officework.
c) They should be replaced with soda instead (as they go well with the nuts of the senate)

4. Which hobby do you like best

a) sleeping
c) charity work for our empoverished brothers
b) sleeping around

5. Yes or No: Good friends make good runningmates.

a) Yes.
b) Not necessarily.
c) Only if they have good hair.

6. What's your favorite Magazine?

a) Archie Comics.
b) Time and Newsweek.
c) FHM, but only too look for clues regarding the latest coup attempt.

7. If I can pass one seemingly impossible law it would be:

a) *shrug* If it's on my table, I'll sign it.
b) Incremental taxation on annual land vehicle registration.
c) Female Government Workers Should Wear Skirts Act

8. My idea of a good campaign would be:

a) where people will vote for me after seeing me onstage.
b) People believing I can change the world through my people-friendly agendas.
c) A That's Entertainment Cast, preferrably the Friday Group for that week.

9. What's the meaning of life?

a) I abstain from voting on this issue.
b) Enjoy life by helping others*
c) Not anything the opposition would have in mind.

10. My motto is:

a) If less is more, then how much more is more?
b) The only reason for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
c) There's no business like show business.


If you answered mostly A's:

You are a Driftwood Politician, living the life of a drift wood, you float from one position to another, tenure to tenure without actually doing so much as eating, sleeping and occassionally making remarks about the hair of other politicians when you run out of dilbertisms. Voters still vote for you for one reason or another and you just keep on popping up on the winners list. Fret not, being driftwood is not so bad. Driftwood is still hardwood and it can make good decorative artifacts at home. A talking driftwood is also an object of great entertainment - accidental entertainment. Yours is the life that goes "life is but a dream, gently down the stream."

Examples: Robert Jaworski Sr., Edgardo Angara, Ralph Recto, Dong Puno (j/k)

If you answered mostly B's:

You have good hair. You know how to answer every question. You only seek what's best for your country. You save babies in your past time and you have the power to eat garbage and shit diamonds. Your piss is 100% refined oil that helps keep gas prices down. The laws you pass are always for the betterment of mankind. And you are the world's most perfect goddamn liar because no such senator exists in this country. You are the Perfect Politician Liar

Examples: None. Joker Arroyo comes close though, very close.

If you answered mostly C's:

Legislative Entertainer. The senate is a stage and you are the Peter North, the world's most famous pornstar. You spend your entire tenure making a live show of the sessions, screwing everybody within 20 meters of your desk. No law gets passed without your approval - or witty retort that's totally unhelpful. The people watching you on TV are sure to be enterained with your freakisms of nature and everybody else in the floor will hate you for giving them a pain in the ass. You are not the devil's advocate. You are the advocate's devil.

Examples: Tito Sotto, Gringo Honasan, Tito Sotto

So, which senatoriable type are you?

*notorious motto of G-Cosmos owner Genta Ogami, professional conman.


rei said...


di kaya mahuli ka kuya red?
antagonism?!(sa RB lang pala may nab-ban dahil d2)
libel? kahit totoo naman =P

[quote]Examples: Tito Sotto, Gringo Honasan, Tito Sotto[/quote]

~ natawa ako dito,.ahihihi

*** buti na lang di pa ko pwede bumoto,. haay,.. ang hirap din pala pumili***

redkinoko said...

Voting can be fun. Specially when there's 500 pesos involved.


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