Red Says (part 3)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In this episode, Red tackles the wondrous science of attracting the opposite sex from the side of women. Because Red is sensitive, like that.

[18:48] anonymous: how do you attract a snob anti social yet uber hot guy red!!
[18:48] anonymous: telll
[18:49] redkinoko: use gayuma
[18:49] redkinoko: or be uber hot in return
[18:49] anonymous: thats hard
[18:49] anonymous: hahahah

As a recap, here are the most reliable ways to attract a man:

1. Be hot.
2. Be not ugly.
3. Be hot and not ugly.

But then again sometimes, those three are just not enough.

So we bring out our secret weapon.

[18:49] anonymous: he's not into looks ehhh
[18:50] redkinoko: I bet he's into loaded guns.
[18:50] redkinoko: as in "DATE ME OR ILL BLOW YOUR HEAD WIDE OPEN WITH THIS .45."

No guy is stupid enough to not fall in love with THAT.

[18:50] anonymous: hahahahahahhhahaa
[18:50] anonymous: NOT LIKE THAT
[18:50] redkinoko: guys love not having holes in their heads
[18:50] redkinoko: specially when they could die from it
[18:50] redkinoko: really.

I mean, between having my brains redecorate the wall and dating a girl even if I'm not interested with her, damn - there's no real contest there. I think that's the premise of a lot of "true love" scenarios anyway.

I really should start doing counseling for a living.


redkinoko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

this blog sucks, I just return, becuase at least there is an update everyday. :D

redkinoko said...

Wow man. That's awfully tasteless of you. Welcome to the fold.

Janos said...

Yes, be a counselor. that would be fun indeed


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