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Friday, February 16, 2007

Though it's been my policy to avoid as much serious political posts in this site, this special post will have to make an exception. Key words: Serious and Political. If you don't feel like reading posts of that nature, skip this one and come back tomorrow for the usual static.

A few days ago, I participated in a thread in about "The Top Ten Reasons Why Richard Gomez Should Be Senator". I posted my reasons there and posted them here as well. I patterned the reasons on the now famous meme "Chuck Norris Trivia". And then I thought, maybe I should up the ante by completely campaigning for Richard Gomez to the extent of being playing an apologist/zealot. And I did (evidenced by the post just before this one).

"Makukuyog po kayo dito!" says soltera81 in the thread.

And he/she's right. After posting "God wills it." as a reason, among other reasonable/highly-unreasonable things, I started taking flak. And lots of it.

It was fun while it lasted. But I feel that I should now give the rational behind what I was doing in the thread.

I wanted to see how people react to a topic that clearly states looking for positives in a senatorial candidate.

"Pity the Filipino," says barista2010 in the thread.

Pity the man who sees no advantages to having him in the senate for that man will never learn why biases are such dangerous things.

Whether you're extremely in favor or extremely against something - the fact that you're in an extreme position is already wrong.

If ever the thread has shown anything new, it's that majority of Filipino people automatically shut off possiblities that aren't within their existing knowledge. They refuse to consider the possibility of new ideas when they already have comfortable dogmas and paradigms in mind.

The thread is about reasons to vote for Richard Gomez. Not whether or not you want him in the senate. Majority of the posters could only come up with reasons NOT to vote for him, meaning in their minds, they can't even hypothetically consider why he should be in the senate.

I admire even those who considered jokes as reasons - at least I found them trying, if only in a humorous way.

This is no longer about Richard Gomez.

This is about the latent Filipino ability to make decisions. There's a good reason why televisions stopped being black and white a long time ago. And that's because the real world cannot be represented only in two colours. Everything has pro's and con's. And that mix is what we should be looking at instead. If you are unable to see things from both their advantages and disadvantages objectively, you are a bad decision maker.

I just hope PinoyExchange and this blog will be instrumental in removing the dualsitic attitude of our voters, if not today, then perhaps somewhere in our future.

That is all I have to say. A good day to all.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Red.

On a side note, I predict that nerds all around the world will worship Goma like they have worshipped the Chuck Norris Kung-Fu Machine 5000. The 10 reasons you put up here were teh BOMBNESS!!!

Kyle said...

I couldn't agree more.

Just one thing though. There are areas in life where dualism is more pragmatic. Although, they generally fall in the category of "faith" - I wouldn't want to believe in amoral higher beings.


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