10 Reasons Why Sonia Roco Should Become Senator

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I was going over the list of senatoriables the other day and came upon the name of Sonia Roco. While I don't think there's anything wrong with her being in that list, I found it scary that I was nodding to myself saying, "I think I should vote for her."

Perhaps the more sensible thing I shouldve been thinking about is "WHO THE HELL IS SHE?"

People from the messageboard I frequent think she's the antithesis of Richard Gomez, like voting for her is some sort of protest vote against Goma. But then again, these are the same people who think UFOs exist so I don't think that's enough reason.

So without the will to do research further than the front page of Google and the creative mind of a week-old cabbage soaked in rugby, I managed to come up with reasons why she should be voted.

Here are some reasons why people vote for Sonia Roco:

1. She's the wife of late Sen. Raul Roco, who unfortunately has this debilitating condition called death preventing him from running, walking, or just being alive for that matter. But since we have this long-running *cough* Aquino *cough* belief that intelligence is somewhat marriage-transmittable...

2. She's not Richard Gomez. God help us if she starts modelling underwear anytime soon.

3. She's not Cesar Montano. God help us if she starts... well... being like Cesar Montano, or whatever Cesar Montano does to piss the public off (or is it rather what he can't do that makes people antsy?)

4. She's from Ateneo. Everybody knows great leaders like Enrile and Erap come from Ateneo. Also, she likes Blue. (implicit school bash +1)

5. She can play five musical instruments.

6. For some reason, everybody seems to know her down to her core beliefs, eccentricities and "tenacious will to help her fellow man through patriotic laws" despite the fact that before she said she's running for senator, nobody really even knew she exists in this world and that she never really says anything much about anything.

7. She's not Tessie Aquino Oreta. Period.

8. She's got good hair for her age.

9. With reference to #6, as a general rule, the less you talk about anything, the more people assume you can do just about anything. Since Sonia's not that much of a presence (i.e. near intangible), she exudes the aura reminiscent of a living god. But then again we have a our 10th reason which is:

10. God wills it.


eeneecadeemah said...

outch! as you can see from my blogger name, i came from that school. schools do have bad eggs. unfortunately, we had erap. isn't blue a nice color? anyway, one way to help people vote is for them to know the credentials/resume of the candidates. would you know a site where we can find their true credentials? shalom!

Anonymous said...

am a bicolano.

we love raul roco, and we believe that his wife is, at this time, can continue his mission.

graduated magna cum laude in st. joseph college, we believe that her presence during the best and bad years of raul may geatly influence her principle, works, and commitment to our country.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Sonia Roco for two reasons. First because she is running under the opposition, underdog kung baga. Second, she is not a trapo. Okay ba?

Anonymous said...

ngayon lang ako talaga nakatutok sa elections, at dahil yun kay Sonia Roco

gusto ko talaga kay Sonia Roco

lagi akong nagdadasal na sana manalo si Sonia Roco

Naiinis ako sa sarili ko na hindi nag pa register para mag vote, nung nalaman ko na tatakbo si Sonia Roco

Sonia Roco meets all the requirements of being a senator, sa tingin ko mabait siya, sana talaga manalo siya.

sana yung mga nakikita ko na mga survey na pang 13-16place siya ay pawang mga numero lamang, gusto ko talaga manalo si sonia roco

sana magsama sama lahat ng estudyante at mga guro at mga taong may pag-iisip na iboto si Sonia Roco dahil alam kong magiging magaling siyang senador.

tinanong ko ang nanay ko kung sino ang mga iboboto niya, nagulat ako na hindi kasama dun si Sonia Roco. marahil cguro napuno na ng showbiz at kung ano ano pang etc ang isip nang aking inay kaya wala sa listahan niya si Sonia Roco.

sa susunod pipilitin ko ang aking magulang na iboto si Sonia Roco.

Sana manalo si Sonia Roco.

Anonymous said...

SONIA ROCO is the best alternative against the trapos out there. Just look at the ads and see no substance in what they portray. While SONIA ROCO lack funds and said that: "this election is not all about money." I can't help but agree with her. Since she lack funds for TV advertising, I suggest that we use the power of networking. It is constantly sharing to others what ROCO can do for our country and let them do the same sharing. In that way we can reach as many persons before election day. I've personally talked to a lot of people already. We may use the friendster bulletin and all other source of communication. Do forward emails and texts about ROCO's credentials. My email ad is cool_as_ice_68@yahoo.com for others who would like to share suggestions. Take care and let's attack and share the ROCO gospel! God bless the Philippines!

Team Montano said...

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Anonymous said...

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