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Monday, February 05, 2007

I just felt like pissing a few people off online a couple of nights ago and what resulted, I found really funny. Well not really _that_ funny, but it was rather interesting. Here's a short log of one of the conversations. Like, you know, stuff.

[18:22] redkinoko: hey panget
[18:22] redkinoko: have you eaten already?
[18:22] [himiko]: san mu gs2?
[18:22] redkinoko: henlins?
[18:22] redkinoko: hanmers?
[18:22] [himiko]: WTH!
[18:22] redkinoko: CPK?
[18:22] [himiko]: henlin?
[18:23] redkinoko: California Pizza Kitchen?
[18:23] [himiko]: cabbage patch kids?
[18:23] [himiko]: haha cge
[18:23] redkinoko: you dont know CPK? Oh my gosh
[18:23] redkinoko: youre so taong grasa na talaga
[18:23] [himiko]: hey!
[18:23] [himiko]: cpk is a doll worth 1k what's so tg bout dat?!
[18:25] redkinoko: like duh, why would i be talking about a doll when im asking about dinner? hay nakoh. that's so usapan mahirap talaga.
[18:26] redkinoko: poverty makes you malabo totally
[18:26] [himiko]: wat a tickpeis
[18:27] [himiko]: so kapalmuks
[18:27] redkinoko: henmars?
[18:27] redkinoko: bilis nah, before i get hawa pa with your kadukhaan
[18:28] [himiko]: haha
[18:28] [himiko]: di ako dukha!
[18:28] [himiko]: oh ur so timawa tlga
[18:28] [himiko]: i'm maharlika
[18:29] redkinoko: right right whatever. order food for me na lang so you can go back to surfing for cueshe lyrics na.
[18:29] redkinoko: i know that's what you jologs do naman eh.
[18:29] [himiko]: oh are you refering 2 urself?
[18:29] redkinoko: ill be coming there late nga pala - but dont even think of inviting the chimays and sekyus for house party because I dont blend well with common slaves.

I wonder why it felt so natural... I was thinking "maan, I could get used to this shit!"

After a few hours, the chemicals wore off.

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