Red Says (part 2)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Anonymous says:

I have lived long enough amidst the desert of mediocrity and learned to call it home. Once upon a time I asked a passer by if I may go with him to the fields of gold where he was heading but ignored me as if I didn't exist. So here I remain in the desert still while I wait for my soul to turn into dust.

There are many other creatures in the desert like me who once lived their dreams but lost it. They all say that maturity is accepting your fate. For the longest time I struggled against this belief but you see time will soon fade your strength.

God has commanded me to bury my talent under the sea. There is no way he could blame me once it turns into seafoam.

You have no idea how many spirits you HR people have killed.

Red says:

You can't kill someone's spirit. You can only convince it to die on its own. For it is one thing to deprive a man of his life, and completely another to take away dreams sown. A spirit killed is always suicide with full consent of its master.

You my friend are your own smoldering ruin. There's no fate in this world that would have made you happy in that state of presence. You blame the rock that blocks your way, when it's your incompetence of not finding other paths that's preventing you from moving forward.

God did not command you to put your talent into the sea. He is no fool. You harnessed it to appear where it lies now. You are horrified, so you turn to everything else for the blame.

And so it would seem that the most convenient body to blame, next to God would be the messengers to state your obvious dismality. The Human Resources Department.

News flash, there is no world out to get you. You're just not getting enough out of the world. And apparently, you're extremely adept in failing at it.

I suppose that would make a wonderful career choice in the field of misery.

Get your head out of your ass.


(I don't go by my usual username there so don't go looking for me)

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