Quick 10. Reasons why Senator Binay couldn't attend her proclamation:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

She was cooking dinner for her family, nanay-de-pamilya and all. 

She'll have her own coronation ceremony in the Kingdom of Makati.

She's holding out for Dick.. Gordon. 

She's still out doing motorcades.

Risa kidnapped Nancy and is now debating the new senator inside a mock senate she's created in an abandoned warehouse while eating gobs of chocolate.

Moonlighting. She's still doing OJT, remember?

Struggling to crawl her way out after being buried by tons of stupid online internet memes.

Still trying to get the indelible ink off her finger.

She doesn't want to stand next to Grace Poe's ridiculously pasty white complexion.

She was there. The lighting was just bad.


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