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This blog started as a brain fart. It was 2006, I was working with computer code, and I was dealing wtih people who spoke like they're using computer code syntax. If I didn't want my communication skills to degenerate into (more) unintelligible trainwreck of words, I needed a venue for practice. It was for that reason and another, the other one being me thinking having a blog pulled in chicks by the truckload (update: it doesn't)

So I started writing about life, my musings. Topics I normally reserve for mindless pantry/watercooler ramble, I put it here -topics I talk about in real life and those that I didn't want to talk about with my real name attached to my opinion. Then came life experiences and later on reviews for different things. I also crammed in some useful tidbits that people might be looking for online, just so I can say that I don't only contribute useless stuff on the internet. I slowed down after a while. But writing's a funny thing.  When you think you've run out of things to write about, you end up writing about new things, or the old things in a new way. That's how this site grew to a thousand published posts, and even more unpublished ones (ones that this civilization is not ready for, morally or otherwise)

Writing for Public Static helped me develop my own (twisted) way of writing, for better or worse. My method, motive, and temperament changed through the years, and someday this will probably become a personal record for me to remember what it was like to have so much thought in your head and only a keyboard, a monitor, and an internet connection to vent them out on. I also like reading my own articles after six months. That's usually the time I start forgetting what I wrote about and finally get to laugh at my own jokes.

One day I know I will die, as everybody does. When that happens, I want this site to remain as the final collection of my thoughts, my words, and my memories, available for anybody who'd remember that once upon a time, this blog had a really bored author who'd rather steal away perfectly useful company time and use it for something as unproductive as writing about Vina Morales, school memories, politics, and Vina Morales.

At least until I resurrect into a giant killer robot and wipe out the internet with my lasers.

Until then, Public Static.

That said, please enjoy your stay. If you simply cannot for your own selfish reasons, let's just agree to disagree (and also, screw you)

Thank you and good day.

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