I plagiarised - uh wait. What?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Copyright f'ing infringement? Since when has covering songs (and badly at that) been copyright infringement? What's next, the inventor of the piano filing a lawsuit against anybody filming usage of his instrument without paying royalty?

Maan this sucks. Both my playing and how the video's been deleted without any talk.

So, correct me if I am wrong. If I play by ear something from anything I see on TV or video, it's okay. But when I say I play by the ear something I heard from another youtube video, it's illegal?

t(' - ' t)

I've recorded the same piece just now.

The fuck if you still think this is illegal.


iman said...

WTF. Seriously man, someone must have hated it that bad to mark it copyright infringement!

redkinoko said...

Maan it probably sucks that bad huh? I really should put more quality in what I put up there.


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