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Monday, February 19, 2007

Is it just me or are the Koreans really the most optimistic of all the nations primarily practicing Chinese traditions? Last year, Koreans were the only people in the world who considered the year 2006 as a ultra-mega-lucky year to get married. The rest of the world still went by the saying "I think therefore I am single."

The Koreans went as far as saying that 2006 was the luckiest year to get married in 60 years. The result? They literally had to outsouce marriages abroad just to cater to the large number of people who want to get hooked up. Not convinced? Google it.

Then this year, the same Koreans who were saying last year was a lucky one are proclaiming that this year is even luckier, as this is a year of the Golden Pig and there won't be another one in 600 years.

So let me recap this. Last year was lucky. This year is even luckier. I have a prediction to make. Next year will be mega-godzilla lucky, you can jump off a bridge and not die because by a million to one chance, 10,000 birds passing by will cushion your landing.

But that's only if you're in Korea.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly a fan of Korea. After My Sassy Girl, Tae Guk Gi, and Korean Beef BBQ, nothing good ever comes out of that place. Their traditions are bad and any food that's not bbq'ed either tastes too spicy or too bland. (and no, I will not start a long litany about how BoA has learned through the years the delicate art of sucking on stage)

But this optimism in their religion, I think I like.

Why can't we have more of those? A positive religion that doesn't threaten you as much as a one-armed bandit with a knife. Like Catholicism without hell or purgatory or funny priests in playgrounds.

Seriously, I've yet to hear Korean soothsayers say anything about negative vibes this year.

Is it just coincidence that South Korea is also one of the very few nations in Asia with zero poverty incidence? Maybe we really gotta try this thinking positive kind of thing.

But you go first - I'm not willing to jump on a bridge to try it.


Zarah said...

That was submitted by my ex-boyfriend. XD

Anonymous said...

That Doll Master movie, Red. Have you seen it? It's pretty good. The girl who plays the mumu is cute too. I had a crush on her for like, 6 months LOL.

And one thing about South Korea is that halos walang margin yung mayaman tsaka working class (that's the same with zero poverty incidence right? =D)...And yes, Ragnarok Online was made by Gravity, a Korean company.

And Seoul is online gaming heaven.

This is ralp00 by the way. I can't seem to figure out the Korean characters :O


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