The Little Prince (i.e. Prince's Penis)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as eternal life, but if ever there is, it would be what could best describe Prince's career. The man's commited more acts of career suicide than anybody I know of and yet for some reason he still surfaces as a top-brass artist. Sure, Michael Jackson's had his share of oh-shit-i-screwed-this album up antics but you don't see him walking out of any fiasco like that without damage, right? Prince can do that. If he were in NBC's Heroes, he'd be the invulnerable cheerleader - and Prince'd probably be still wearing the same skirt the original character was wearing.

Here is a short list of his shittisms:

- Sing about Jehova's Witnesses
- Appear onstage almost halfnaked - (with the wrong half exposed)
- Change your name to "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince"
- Sing really really shitty songs in like 3 albums in a row.

This year's halftime for NFL Superbowl was one for the books. Prince was peforming. It's like Prince deliberately took a potshot at the legendary titty-popper Timberlake and Jackson did way back when. After that titty-popping incident on a Sunday afternoon, there's now a 10-second delay in broadcasting, to prevent the audiences from being shocked by sudden acts of lewedness/visual terrorism.

Prince was able to get past that "restriction". (To the US homeland defense guys, if Prince can do it, what makes you think Al Qaeda wont be able to? Huh? Huh?)

With his specially-shaped guitar, he played one song behind a white sheet - with his outline only showing. Conveniently placed to his side, the guitar's shaped looked like a dick. A penis. (see picture) And he was slapping and moving his wrists in the most suggestive way that it looked like the grandest display of public masturbation in public history.

And those 10 seconds of delay weren't enough for the production crew to be able to stop the broadcast. By the time the message sunk in, Prince's antics had already reached everybody watching the show's live broadcast. Thanks to that, Prince is now the world's most publicized wanker.

Is Prince walking away out of this unscathed? You bet your ass, batman.

Like is said, he's immortal.

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