10 signs that you're into too much COSPLAY

Thursday, February 01, 2007

10. You see a good-looking girl and then you say "Hmm, I bet she'd look good as [insert character from anime here]"

9. You find yourself watching an anime series for the first time or playing a video game and start noticing things like "I wonder how they made that suit..."

8. You know 5 different types of fabrics - and you're straight.

7. Quiapo and Divisoria become less places for bargain purchases and more like places for hunting rare costume-making materials.

6. Your face lights up when you see wigs on display - even when they're not for sale.

5. Even your daily outfits are starting to look "deviant".

4. You have cans of paint inside your room, enough to redecorate a house, and they've never been used for any part of your home.

3. Along with that, there's an arsenal of used props (swords, staff, armor) placed ubiquitously all over your bunk.

2. Your photos keep on getting posted on 4chan - and they have a name for you similar to "Cosplay whore".

1. You walk out of your room wearing a wig, platform shoes, papercraft armor and enough man-makeup to pass you off as a drag queen. Your parents look at you and casually ask "Will you be coming home by dinner?" - but you can't reply because you're under so much costume they wont hear your voice anyway. So you shake your head instead. The neighbors on the other hand are praying the rosary extra hard - thinking your family is now in league with the devil.


Akodo Yuru said...

number 4 is also true for the model kit addicts. just go take a peek in my room.

Vince in Kyoto said...


You got me there!


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