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Thursday, February 22, 2007

shorter title: Speak The Rapper Video

So what do you get when you combine the mortician from Gone in 60 Seconds, the Sherminator from American Pie, the 3 people from Queer Eye and some eunuch tenor?


I refuse to admit that this video is real, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is. Everything about the whole damn thing is a f'ing joke. Speak, the rapper in the video has a real weird accent and he keeps on juggling the five same words over and over again: check, yeah,that's right, c'mon, and of course bisdness. While the message of the song seems sincere enough, there's just not enough seriousness to go around to make everything look real.

There's nothing melodic about the lyrics, if you can call it that. You know the part of every Boys To Men song where Boys to Men try to reassure the listener they're not homos by trashtalking in a bedroom voice? It's like that for 80% of the whole song, except Speak is not reassuring us anything. He's just plain revolting. And his voice is not that of the bedroom, it's that of six feet under.

And then there's

"I hope my black broders flow da same like me." part.

Pasty white ass calling Tupac, Dre, and Diddy his brothers. What the hell. If he were any more whiter, he'd be indistinguishable from the tombstones around him (he doesn't move a lot either)

Maaan, Hungary's got a lot of catching up to do to regain their position in the musical world. Because as of today, it's sunk at an all time low. From baroque operas to rappers in graveyards.

But you know what? This video owns. 4 minutes of music that gives 10 hours of laughter.

This video earns a full score of 10 point WTF.

It doesn't get higher than that.


Anonymous said...

Based on the general characteristics of your posts, and the general air of snottiness in them. Lemme guess... Are you a call center agent?

Mai said...

Yay for obnoxious stereotyping!


redkinoko said...

Like you mean if I work for a center for callboys? I havent done that gig in years.

Kidding. I'm a programmer by profession, sir Anonymous. So much so that the title of this blog is something that I use in my work on a regular basis.

Im curious though. Why ask if I'm a call center agent? (Can I guess? Is it because I update more often than most blog owners? XD Im just lazy where it counts.)

LOL And I thought you were talking about me bashing Hungarians. Oh well.. nothing ever good comes out of that country anyway (except sausages)

Anonymous said...

Funny, really funny, especially the chorus. That was like, the Hungarian NSYNC or something =D

Anonymous said...


I partied with speak and he is a legend. Whats wrong with calling someone brother if they are a different colour. Come on man, we are all brothers.

He is awesome.



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