Typhoon Ondoy vs Boy Who Didn't Study Geography

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yesterday the internet flooded with heartwarming appeals and understandably frustrated comments because of Typhoon Ondoy's wrath. With the good, however, came the bad. And by bad, I mean retarded.

Dream car? Really? Is that really the best thing to worry about? What did you really expect the officials of Magallanes to do? Bring out straws and drain your streets by continously sucking and peeing the rain water into buckets? PROP the entire village up in stilts?


In my Journey said...

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In my Journey said...

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marvin said...

The tragic scenario typhoon "Ondoy" have caused is really devastating. Most of the people don't expect the floods to be that
high in their area. But what's the good thing right now is that there are lots of people across tne country and also all over the world that pledges to give money and relief goods to those affected families. I'm pretty sure that Gawad Kalinga is also taking its part in helping those calamity victims.

Anonymous said...

You should have said it straight in the "comments" section of his post, Sir Red. He deserve the same treatment like Jacques Bermejo.


It was reposted by a contact of mine. I didn't know how she was related to the retard so I saved myself the trouble of having to explain myself to her by posting it here.

Besides, it's not like he'd change just because I posted about his skullnumbing idiocy.

rei said...

I can't really blame him since his concern is about their cars and other stuff.

Oh, I was also wondering about their expensive furniture. I actually witnessed how the water almost covered a sedan in their village.

Anonymous said...

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