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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ladies, gentlemen, and that other regular whose gender I still don't quite get, I am proud to announce that Public Static has once again evolved for your convenience. To ensure you are able to show off your excellent taste in choice prime-cut reading material to your philistine friends, you can now use a "Share on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger" function button at the end of every post on this site.

A certain Brandon Reynolds* shared five articles from Public Static and the following day, Megan Fox showed up in front of his doorstep to give him a sensual massage.**

Mel Gibson*** did not share any articles in Public Static and he is now locked up in a battle for child custody with his gypsy ex-GF. Also, he almost died from a car crash earlier this week. (true story)

Either fates could be yours. As for which one could be yours, to quoth a certain animated environmentalist - THE POWER IS YOURS.

*not his real name. his actual name is Marlon Pagudpurin Jr.
** actual results may vary, depending on accompanying level of intoxication
*** real name


Anonymous said...

pano mo nalagay yon? :P

Anonymous said...

Customize the body Widget sa blogger template. If that doesnt work, manually edit the html codes

- Red


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