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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I sometimes hear people say it's hard to be funny. I say nay, nay. It's easy to be funny. All you need is a slippery surface and some really flat-soled shoes. What's hard is giving people a sense of happiness that's lasting. The type that doesn't easily go away like after a joke's died down. It's hard to supply that to people, you know? Specially when the cops know you're peddling drugs.

Those party poopers.

Seriously though, as a comedian, you only know you've really suceeded when somebody tells you "You know, I was walking down the street the other day when I remembered something you said. It made me laugh. Thanks. " It's not in the initial laughter, or in the money they pay to make you crack jokes. I think it's the lasting effect of giving people a bit of craziness in their lives that they take with them the moment they leave the bar.

Because in this dull dry world where real fun is a scarcity, jokes and laughter are own little snorkels that allow as to breath a bit of heaven while we're still on earth. And those who make people laugh?

They're in charge of the dive equipment rentals.


pgenrestories said...

Hi. May I invite you to buy, read, and perhaps contribute to our magazine, The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories. We are a new fiction magazine devoted to providing a venue for Filipino writers to get their genre stories out (fantasy, scifi, crime, horror, etc.) and to increase the number of Pinoy readers. You might be interested. Thanks!

redkinoko said...

Hi Sir Kenneth. I'm guessing you're the person I've corresponded with in the past from the same publishing group.

While I'm largely interested in getting some of my work put into print, I'm afraid I have nothing to contribute to your noble cause at the moment.

If I do get a piece I deem worthy of your review, I will submit it at once. Perhaps when you get to volume five? ^__^

Thank you for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a vivid example why the Philippines is (and will remain) a shithole Third World country.

redkinoko said...

And you're an example why some people are better off anonymous.

pgenrestories said...

Hi redkinoko.

Have we corresponded? I'm sorry for forgetting. I was looking through my inbox but I'm not sure if I can make a connection. Anyway, thanks. Here's hoping PGS does reach an issue 5 (it's quarterly). As you know, fiction is an uphill climb here in the RP. And if it's worth considering, since you are an aspiring comedian, I do not get enough humorous story-submissions at all. Everyone is so serious!

Oh, like you, I do get a lot of anonymous brick-bat comments too. Just let them slide. Thanks!

redkinoko said...

Humor stories eh? I'll see if I can whip something up.

One thing I learned from what writing experience I have is that you just can't please anybody.

pgenrestories said...

Do you mean you can't please "anybody" or you can't please "everybody"? :) Maybe you meant the latter? :D

Anyway, just make sure to keep it in genre, as that's the theme of the Digest.

Many thanks again, best regards, and more success to you!

redkinoko said...

The latter of course.

redkinoko said...

The latter of course. If you can't please anybody the problem might not be coming from other people.

Thank you for visiting my site. I get the feeling we'll be corresponding more soon.

pgenrestories said...

Thanks for having me. PGS issue 2 is out now, and issue 1 is still available. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and regards.


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