1000th Post Marker - Supposedly

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Let this be the 1000th post marker of Public Static. Even though the actual count is 1008. A few years back I told myself that when I hit 1000 posts on this site, I'd go about and start writing my book already. Well now that I have, and have forgotten to do the 1000th post on the 1000th post, I'm not really sure what to do anymore. I don't think I'm up to writing a book just yet, seeing as I have a lot of other writing projects stashed in the cave of "unfinished would-have-been swell projects"

I guess I'll just take up this post to start thanking people/groups who've contributed to the success/failure of this website.

Anna Kubkub whose persistence made me go further than what creative space this blog offered me. It may not be as comfy outside that space, but I'm getting there.

Cindy Dominguez who took me to a HS play one fine day four years ago and inspired me to write random stuff on my old friendster account and made me realize how much fun blogging can get.

Iman who moved out of his friendster blog to seek greener pastures, and made me follow accordingly. He chose tabulas. I chose blogger. Because seriously, fuck friendster blogs.

Marhgil for opening up a whole new world of SEO-based blogging, and teaching me the idea that you don't have to sell out to actually sell.

Idea Bouncers (people who cause me to start thinking crazy shit that I post here after a mere minutes of talking to them
- Nard, FishCake! resident exconvict and rehabilitated porn dependent
- Mai and Ryan, who got a lot of the earlier posts of this blog rolling via chat
- Riina. If I had to explain here, it'd be defeating the purpose of our agreement.
- Abbe. You crazy sunnova... you better have them pastries ready when we meet again.

Avid readers (or readers who I think are/were avid, in no particular order)
- Lyra/Liureiyi aka that person who prodded me to finish W:FSP
- Hikari/Jade/Jean (Here's a confession: I often mistake you for Lyra and vice versa)
- Persh (I'm sorry I really can't spell your full name up until this day)
- Zen Bitch/Icantatrix (Thanks for dropping by every now and then!)
- Matt Healy. I still don't know where you got that name from, but what the heck.
- Ragnaboarders, Gang of Crazy Artists, Fanfare peeps - REPRESENT!
- Officemates from ISI, ACTS, Azeus, my current company which I dare not disclose at the moment.
- Highschool classmates/batchmates. Gratitude, fuck yes.
- A lot of guys who wish to remain anonymous, but are there anyway.

Everybody who I may have missed, sorry. 12am is not exactly the best time to do these things, but I am a very busy man with very busy hobbies (like procrastinating really really hard)

Thank you all. This blog will go on until the internet dies or I do, whichever first falls into the pit of doom during our joust.


abetabet said...

ako na lang magsasabi ng company mo office mo ngayon.

Abbe said...

Thanks Jet.

Will Spanish Sardines do if I meet you and don't have pastries on hand?


hahaha Abet and Abbe replying on the same post. Wala lang.

@Abet shhh!

@Abbe Only if it has chest hair and it can ride a horse.

Abbe said...

They're manlier than the guy in the Old Spice Commercial.

If that's not manly enough then I guess I'll have to make some pastries. D:


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