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Monday, August 09, 2010

Chronology of Significant Events

1918 - Germany declares an armistice with the allied forces during the Great War

1945 - The Japanese formally surrender, thus ending the bloodiest war in history

1984 - The Marcos Regime is forcibly ousted by the People Power Revolution

1998 - President Estrada formally steps down amid popular calls for resignation.

2010 - The Arroyo Administration ends. A new era begins in clean governance.

Today - Hale announces that they are finally throwing in the towel.

We interrupt the scheduled release of articles in this site to announce that Hale, one of the more prominent poster groups for the typical "Pogi Band" has finally decided that they should be doing something else with their lives. Champ looks like he finally realized that if he does want to look pogi instead of actually making music, he should just go model, or acting, seeing as we have such a low bar of standard for actors nowadays anyway. The rest of the band has finally realized that one possible reason they were in the band in the first place was to make Champ look even more "gwapo". "Fuck it," I can hear them imagine saying.

Well good for them.

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