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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Been real busy the past few days preparing for an upcoming trip. In the mean time, here's a food for thought to get you by your dreary work:

If you think your job is demanding too much from what little resource is available, think of P-Noy's hair stylist.

For something more serious, here's something off my think cap:

We really should start respecting our leaders - most specially the president. Trashtalking him on Facebook where our friends from abroad can read it may look like a good idea at first, but in essence it's just washing hands by disowning him for his failings.While we may not share the same views as the president, he's still the symbol of authority in our country, and general disrespect for his position tells the world of how we regard authority in general. It's bad form. I think the world's ready to forgive Filipinos. We just need to learn how to forgive ourselves first.

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