OPM = Original Pilipino Music DURR HURR

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seeing as today is a lazy article today, I've decided to just pick an Inquirer article today and rant express my justifiable opinion in this article. Thankfully, Inquirer never lets me down when I need some shitty articles that make my blood boil.

Inquirer ran an article today happily reporting that there's been a surge of OPM album releases, lead by contemporary singer/composters Ogie Alcaside and Noynoy Zuniga.

Link Here

Hurray for the music industry!

And by hurray, I mean I'd like to wear black when I attend the funeral of the long dying industry.

People seem to be forgetting what OPM actually means. Half of the songs mentioned in this article aren't even Pilipino/Pinoy OR original. The reason why there was a surge is that before, you can only get an album out once you have composed, or asked help in the composition of at least five to ten songs. That's a very tall order right there, and such feats require years to achieve.

That's no longer the case now. All you have to do is get an acoustic guitar, license some song abroad, and then cover it, and the people will think you're a genius. In the same way we think getting a computer, getting a licensed song abroad, and then playing it in our music player is genius.

And it's partly because of the demand for cover songs, which goes to show that the industry is just adjusting to the retardedness of the market. Why do we got to hear five different covers of the same song anyway? It's stupid. Some covers like Sabrina's album aren't even trying. Like one day she sat inside a bathroom, got a guitar, a recorder, and then made millions on the spot - literally or otherwise.

It's stupid and I can't wait for it to go away, if ever it does.

Cover songs will kill the music industry faster than piracy ever will and slipshod articles like this will kill media faster than media killings ever will.


Mai said...

And more good news: http://www.mb.com.ph/node/272301/noynoy-call


There's not enough new material out there. We might as well change OPM to Overseas Pirated Music. Shit.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Covers have overwhelmed my senses to the extent that I get annoyed just hearing a cover, regardless of whether or not it's shitty. It's like new artists are simply desperate to release something. Then there's MYMP.


Haha what about MYMP?


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