Samsung Galaxy S2 Kies "cannot start service"

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Just a friendly note to the people who are having issues with connecting Samsung GS2 to the latest version of Kies.
I have a Galaxy S2 running on 2.3.3, rooted. Unfortunately I am unable to connect my phone to Samsung's inhouse PC interface program called Kies. After what seemd to be years of searching for a way to connect the damn phone, I was able to make it work, finally.
Here are the methods that I used.
1. Stop using Windows 7 64bit. This OS is currently unsupported.
2. Update to the latest version of KIES and use the driver installation method.
3. Restart the computer many times.
None of those worked, but after reading something on the net about SD cards, here's what I did:

1. Remove the battery.
2. Remove the SD card.
3. Startup GS2.
4. Startup Kies
5. Plug the device to the USB port.
And it worked! What the fuck. Anyway, In case anybody stumbles upon this, I hope it also works for you.
Now I'm having issues with trying to make the Kies backup work.
Oh Samsung, what would we do without you?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for tips. It worked for me :)

Anonymous said...

Had been looking for a solution for weeks... Great advice, worked for me!. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

helped me aswell ty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip. It worked for me too!

Anonymous said...

Just restarted the phone and it worked!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Work for me too...what the f..k???

Anonymous said...

worked for me
- clearing the memory
- restart the device
All didn't help, but removing the SD card worked like a charm

Anonymous said...

thanx buddy ! saved my day.. had been struggling for the last two days to make kies recognize my phone

Anonymous said...

Win7 (64) with Kies 2.3 - finally worked after removing a "Samsung" micro-sd card from a "samsung sgh-i927" connecting to the computer with the "samsung" cable.
Good thing I bought all the bit with the brand-name on them so I could guarantee compatibility :/
removing the uSD card helped Kies connect to the device.
Now, just need to wait for Samsung to release ICS for the i927.

Anonymous said...

thanks!!this worked like you rightly said,!

Anonymous said...

it worked for me to THANKS

Anonymous said...

Wow! Been trying to figure this out for ages, thanks!

Jell said...

I'm glad this worked for so many people, but it didn't work for me .

Anonymous said...

After spending 3 hours trying to get my S2 to connect to the piece of poo that is Kies - I removed the SD card and boom - there it was!
"Thanks" is not enough.....

Anonymous said...

No idea why this works but it does. Thanks for the help!!

Flawed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flawed said...

I have searched the internet for the past couple of days and pulled my hair out. Nothing worked. I then came across your post and simply removed my SD card. Upon connecting to Kies it then worked. Perfect!

Thank you so much, REDKINOKO.

I have just purchased my GS2 and realise how frustrating it is to not have something work as it should. Kies is a dissapointment to me. Nevertheless, to all who read this... we need to get it out there to help others in the same position.

The advice, type "REDKINOKO galaxy s2" into google and it will lead people directly to this post.

Well done sir!




To everybody in this post, glad I was able to help. Honestly, I love my GS2, but I hate Kies just as much. I try to avoid using it. Odin can do your firmware updates for you (although it may invalidate some warranties) while the Kies wireless or the direct interface in Windows7, XP lets you transfer files just as easily.

Marcia Nicholas said...

WOW - after trying loads of other stuff this worked THANK YOU SO MUCH amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

what the f.... It really worked.... :)))))))))))))

Shay Murray said...

Amazing... This has been killing me... Why I didn't Google and find this months ago I just don't know... Thank you so much

Anonymous said...


only removed the Memory card and there you go !!! Shocking but true

Anonymous said...

Hi !! Thanks for putting it up. I tried for 3 hours straight but finally after seeing your advice i tried removing the battery and it worked.

I had tried reinstalling device driver using Kies thrice, restarting computer, restarting my mobile and some other things but removing the battery made it work.

Thanks again!!!!

Anonymous said...

This worked. I was unable to update my Samsung Captivate Glide (SGH-I927) from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich until I found this tip. Many thanks.

Samsung needs get better software people.


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