Quick Review: Space Above and Beyond

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Space: Above and Beyond is 15 years old but is no less engrossing to watch today than it was before. It's one of the very few Sci-fi shows I'd be proud to share to people who aren't into scifi for the sole reason that it relies on the powerful character-centric narratives rather than the usual nerdgasmic worldbuilds and scene-to-scene grandiosities that most geek shows rely on.

The series is about a group of human marines that find themselves embroiled in a war with an alien race. Throughout their missions, they face perils dealt to them by many things other than their enemy: racism, politics, and their own personal demons.

Each episode is well written, and contains twisting plots that could pass for short movies. Character development is at a level above the par for other sci-fi series. This show takes itself very seriously, and with brilliant results.

There are no fan services in this show. No epic battles. No sex-starved aliens. Space is a dark place, and war is hell. My only gripe about it is that it's over all too soon. Definitely not for the mainstream, but people who can stop getting erections from CG-peppered pop sci-fi will most definitely appreciate this series.

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