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Monday, June 11, 2007

Whatever work I do during a Monday, I consider it as work that I do for the government. The 20% of anythingI earn that goes to tax, I'd like to think I earn during Mondays. And since today is a Monday, I'd like to rant about how our government likes to waste the paper bills I send them every month.

Malacanang confirms Nuclear Plans

In the news article, MalacaƱang confirms that our country has plans of going nuclear (in terms of energy, not weaponry). They've started "training" people in nuclear technologies and have outlined the procedures for going about nuclearization. The initial payoff was said to be 125 million pesos.

This is tax money.

In another news article,


It's been said that they've already checked out 10 potential sites for the nuclear plant. This research was conducted by Dr. Alumanda dela Rosa, director of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI).

She however, refused to name all the 10 sites identified by the National Power Steering Committee (NPSC), saying a more thorough study is needed and also refused to disclose the budget for the study and when it would be finished.

Again, this costs money.

Now, I'm not really against using money on research, geomancy, and other technical fundings. The fact that she doesn't want to disclose the budget, something that should've been public information sucks though.

But that's not why I rant.

What pisses me off is why Alumanda is even working for our government and why we're giving her our hard-earned cash. Why we even have a nuclear research institute. Why we're training scientists in nuclear technology. And why we're looking for sites where we can build nuclear power plants.

We're wasting tax on these assholes.

Sure, I'd like energy to go down and sure, nuclearization is the way, but there's one fine detail MalacaƱang has been avoiding all this time, and it's one important detail:


Says who? Says the goddamn constitution. And unless we're going to agree on charter change (protip: we're not), we will never have anything to do with nuclear technology.

The 1987 constitution explicitly states that we cannot allow nuclearization of this country specifically due to the harsh effects of failure of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant which till today remains the biggest debt we've yet to repay.

So why the fuck do we have departments delving on shit we're not even supposed to consider? I think I know why. As said in the article, our neighboring Asian countries are planning on going nuclear as well: Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

But they don't have any clauses in the goddamn constitution that says NO, do they?

We're like the poor neighbor who's considering buying plasma HDTV's just because their richer neighbors are also planning on buying.

As a conclusion, every peso we spend on the nuclearization endeavour is wasting valuable tax money. My Monday work. Even Arroyo can't possibly disagree on this point.


Straight from the goddamn horse's mouth:

"The (Philippine) Constitution prohibits nuclearization," the President stressed. "Although Korea has one of the lowest power rates in the region because they are nuclear, the country has no plans of doing so."

What's next, tools? A space agency without any space program?

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Kyle said...

Not that I don't agree on your point that we're wasting money researching on putting up a nuclear plant, coz you're right on that. As for why we have PNRI though, it's not only for researching nuclear power. Their past research are mostly on irradiation (medical and environmental applications of radiocactive materials). For instance, one project they had was to irradiate a substantial number of male fruitflies in a small island in Visayas. The goal was to irradicate all the fruitflies there after a few months. And believe it or not, it worked. d=


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