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Monday, June 18, 2007

For every joke or quote that you see here, there's probably 5 others that didn't quite make the quality check. Here are some of the rougher jokes that I have on my files but never did quite make the lineup. Maybe with a bit of restructuring or polishing they'd get to an acceptable level but until they get fixed, they'd stay the way they are.

I was reciting in speech class the other day when my professor told me "Mr. Kinoko, speak louder please!" So I punched him in the face. Actions speak louder than words afterall.

I bet this world would have a lot less violence if guns made funny farting noises whenever they go off. Everytime somebody tries to use a gun, everybody would go "Who did that?" The shooter would try to say "It wasnt me!". But we all know there's no getting out of that kind of situation.

God gave Moses the 10 commandments on top of a mountain and after he went down, he got angry at his people so he threw the tablets on the ground and broke all 10 commandments at the same time.

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Either that or we'd get some pretty rad eye color combinations.

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