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Saturday, June 09, 2007

At the start of this blog, I mentioned that I won't be reposting lyrics of any song here, save for the one that I posted during the first week. It's ignant to duplicate already existing information. So if you're like one particular extranosy reader of this blog, you must be wondering why I posted the lyrics of Hoist The Colours here two days ago.

It was actually part of an exercise in search engine optimization (SEO). What is SEO? SEO is designing your site/page in such a way that will increase the chances of Google and other search engines in finding your page and considering it as a relevant search result.

I wanted to see how easily I can get a page to at least the first page of Google results using certain keywords. The keywords that I used are "hoist" "colours" and "lyrics".

I checked this morning and I was able to climb to the last entry of the first page thanks to information provided to me by Marhgil, my officemate. you can check by searching for "Hoist The Colors Lyrics" on Google to verify.

Not bad eh?

Google has gotten around to index the other pages that boost my hoist the colours page popularity and sent it right to the first page of the results of the search Hoist The Colours lyrics (even without the doublequotes). Booya.

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