True Love Does Not Stop

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

True love does not stop. Unrequited, found unwanted, and forced to disappear, it merely hides itself and fades from common sight. It continues to grow however, ever dedicated to the reason of its existence. And though unacknowledged, it remains ever hopeful for the day it shall see light again - and perhaps recognized, with or without consent of its owner.

And tragedy, ah tragedy, is not in the death of such love - it is in its living on, past and beyond the limit of all other emotions. For true love is something that can be given up, but in itself cannot give up or die. It will continue on with its meaningless existence until it is given meaning, if ever it is given meaning. It lies in your heart and it shall lie there, hidden.

In every heart, on every man.

Because of all emotions, it is said that true love is the only one true emotion that has the gift and curse of eternity - a feeling that is for forever and never at the same time.

(taken from a conversation with a friend, for a friend)


Kyle said...


Jherskie said...

So true. And true love also include those shared between friends. Whether it is love for your significant other or another person you care for so much, as long as it is pure, it will definitely last for eternity.

Anonymous said...

"By some michief of fate, we might only truly fall in love ONCE. You know, that one great love old folks refer to. Many lovers may get into our lives but there is only one person, with that one smile, one kiss, one hug and one moment, that our hearts will never replace. That person, usually but sadly, is the one that got away. That's why, after all the chips are down, we know, we just know, we'll never fall in love that way again..." --> Agree?

redkinoko said...

I wrote in this blog almost one year ago: "Of all the joys, the easiest to attain is that of compromise."

You cant get everything you want, but you can want everything you get.

Only the devil deals in absolutes.

Anonymous said...

Absolut Vodka, motherfucker.


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