Attention: Fans of Combatron

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To anybody who still has copies of old Funny Komiks issues containing Combatron Episodes, I am planning to put up an online archive and would like to ask for your help in completing the entire Combatron saga. If you can provide me with scans or actual copies I can borrow for a while (so I can scan them) I'd be very happy.

Please PM me on my YM messenger: NEFASTURIS. I am online during officehours and during certain hours of the night. We can talk about arrangements.

Be a part of an effort to conserve the dying legend. We need to revive Combatron for great justice.

Would you really want your kid to grow up in an environment where the only choice as example for the definition of superhero is Jose Rizal and that beady-eyed japanese from NBC's Heroes?

Your help matters.

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