Thursday, June 14, 2007

While preparing my outfit for the upcoming ToyCon last night, I realized that there are some materials where gluing doesn't quite work as well. Until that period, I had this general rule that anything that needs to be put together can be put together just as well with glue (as proof we have a full set of different types of glue in the house, superglue, elmers glue, glue-gun glue, rugby, more rugby)

Apparently, as my sister pointed out, you actually have to "sew" materials called "cloth" together. After a crash course in basic stitching (and not killing yourself with a needle) I finally got to working on a long cloth I had to stitch.

I would later recall the activity less as sewing and more as self-induced torture. Never have I thought that something so small could injure you so many times. By the time I was halfway through, I needed transfusion from the loss of blood.

I could've sworn my needle is possesed by the soul of a serial killer. Everytime I tried to make it go through cloth, it'd go through the cloth at a direction most likely to go through one of my fingers too.

To girls: we guys don't see any problem in getting a metal stick that has a pointy end and being forced to use it. Spears are cool. But when the stick is half the size of your goddamn pinky, things get really tricky.

I think I can pretty much get the motivation Whoever invented the first sewing machine (Singer). He was probably making an outfit for a convention too. He stared at the needle, the thread, and the cloth and told himself "FUCK. THIS. SHIT."

After an hour of sewing, I finally finished my work. I spent quite some time thanking God that I'm a man, and didn't have to put up with this sort of torture back in highschool.

Still I think I could've made glue work.

If that doesn't, we still have staple wire.

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