Death Note 37

Friday, June 22, 2007

So it's come to this. Death Note 37. The last episode of Death Note. For the record, I did not read the manga or watch the movie so I'm at a state of stress right now. Part of me is wishing a certain dead person to come alive, turn into a zombie, and eat everybody just for the sake of dramatic ending. I actually thought 36 was the last episode so seeing it end at the climactic part almost made me scream (bad since I was watching at the office)

Here's a preview of Death Note's last episode, Death Note 37, entitled "New World"

Rumor has it a spinoff concerning the BB case will be made too. I'll probably be watching that as well. Bah. There better be no "death eraser" in it because goddamn, it'd be cheesier than dragonball.

Update: Death Note 37 is almost there. I cant wait to download Death Note 37 and see for myself how theyre going to somehow get the dragonballs involved.

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