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Thursday, May 24, 2007

If you've been a regular visitor of this blog, sometime ago there was this anonymous asshole who went into cussing bouts with me and found myself saying for the first time in a very long time "eh kung hindi ka naman pala hayup ka naman palang kupal ka eh." just for kicks.

Many more cusses and laugher followed after that. He always made it a point to visit this blog when he found time. The asshole's name is Edict, my classmate since grade 2. And he's not really an asshole (just a bit), and the cusses are just pretty much how we greeted each other for a very long time (cussing = punctuation marks).

Benedict Evangelista.

Back in gradeschool, I remember him as a good "sipa" player, "good" translating to having an exceptional skill in hitting teachers in the head and other students (i.e. me) in the nads while doing urpet. He was a pretty fast runner too, I assume he got fast after being chased by whoever he hit with the tingga.

I remember him being my constant rival when it came to school excellence (or lack thereof) because his mom would often compare me to Edict. Of course he'd always be the better one because lets face it, I'm not exactly honor material. I remember shrugging it off by saying "at least I smell better".

Edict was one of the very very few people back during my darker highschool years who acknowledge my potential to actually do well in school. Verbatim, "Matalino ka Jet kaso tangina ang tamad mo eh."

I remember giving him a thank you for that during our highschool retreat while whispering "Ina mo, tae." to which he politely replied, "Ina mo rin, basurius."
Casual smiles, because we're cool like that.

He was also one of the few people who could relate to my experiences in the middle east since he also stayed there for quite a while. I remember him joking about me being the estranged son of King Fahd. Good stuff.

I remember him talking about rimjob a couple of months ago and how it felt good. I told him you never tell another guy that, unless you want to be branded gay (I branded him one anyway).

I remember a few weeks ago we were talking about going to Sagada. I had to leave for Europe so I wasn't able to join then. My YM account got hacked and I lost contact.

I remember a great many things about this guy I've known since I was seven. But I think the most important thing I remember about this guy was that I found a good friend in him. Yeah, the real shit you depend on.

I found out last night that he had leukemia, the same kind that killed Ate Snow. I was planning on visiting him, to give 'em some cheering up. Y'know?

So I tried to reestablish contact with people from my old YM list to get to him.

And then I just found out.

It must be fate that he died today, a few hours short of one year after I wrote my dedication to Snow. So Edict, if ever you get to meet here wherever you are, talk to her. She's always got something interesting to say (and she's pretty too). Pa Hi na rin kay Mrs. Andrade at Mrs. Serion tyak matutuwa sila na makita ka.

Edict, Dre, salamat sa mga trippings.
Inuman tayo sa susunod tayo na magkita.
Mamimiss ka namin.

- Jet

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Anonymous said...

Rest in peace man...


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