Typing Of The Dead

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I won't meander about the subject. The Typing Of The Dead is to TouchTyping Classes what Jet Fighter Piloting is to flight school. It kicks that much ass.

The Typing Of the Dead (ToTD) is basically a port of the popular game House of The Dead 2, an light gun shooter arcade game. The main difference of the two is that instead of having a gun to shoot zombies, you only have your trusty keyboard with you and your range of vocabulary. Each enemy that appears will have a special word/character/phrase written in his chest and you're supposed to type them as fast as you can to simulate shooting.

Sounds easy? Think again. Phrases can get as long as "There is no such thing as urban ghosts." and words get real exotic, ranging from "Bouillabaisse" to "Cot'd Ivoire". Hordes of these worded zombies come at you with the frequency and tenacity of homeless people asking for change.

I tried playing the game for two hours straight and felt the equivalent hand stress of a whole day of officework after playing. Watching my fingers purple, I thought to myself "I need to train more."

This game answers the question: "If backspace could kill, how dead will I be?" The answer is "Dead, very dead. The 5 continues and 3 lives gone kind of dead."

And unlike other videogames where the only benefit is being able to boast "I saw the ending", this game actually improves your typing efficiency, which you will be able to use at work, in school, and when there's a zombie standing in front of you with "PLEASE CHECK IN YOUR BAGGAGE AT THE COUNTER" flashing in his chest.

As a testament to the efficacy of this game in improving typing skills, this article was made with less than 10 backspace presses.

I'd recommend this to anybody, because people who still don't know how to touchtype are douchebags.

The benefits keep on coming. A couple of minutes ago I was asked to do a demonstration of a newly developed program through remote desktop control (i.e. they can only see the monitor and my mouse/keyboard movements). The only way I could communicate with people thousands of KMs away was through a notepad we could see in the monitory together. It's like chat, except you dont have to press enter for them to see your message. The training given to me by ToTD the past few days helped me reduce the annoying backspaces and made the appearance of the messages both fast and error-free. No jokes, this program is actually worth the time.

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