Two Trees

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two Trees

Cast in time of golden summers
abloom in season's spring
such, two trees that grew together
living the everlast dream

Of each a shared then burthen be
bewithered by the morrow
the passing years they never see
and time but fleeted shadows

Two trees oh how they've come to live
within each other's grace
the sweet succinct of warmth to give
entwined in branched embrace

Cast in time of fiery autumns
aglow in season's cold
such, two trees that grew together
living the everlast dream

Soil to share and roots entender
Of the cup and navel and care
and though the soul and ship meander
thine leaves would slice one air

And through the days that pass you by
miracles that love and weather wrought
words but paint a shard of sky
the few ever find and many've sought

Two trees oh how they've grown as one
entwined from roots to souls
past many more pearls and crossing suns
enfruits what God has sown

Two trees oh how they've come to love
Each other and evermore

(written for a friend's project, republished with permission)

Completely unrelated second half:

I am reminded today of the fact that life won't treat you fairly even if you do your best to treat it fairly. A bull will charge you even if you're vegetarian. You can die of lung cancer even if you're not smoking. You can still die poor even if you spend an entire lifetime getting rich. You can be never loved back after loving hard. And you can wish for something so bad and never see it come in your lifetime.

Expect to be judged based on predispositions, bias, stereotypes. Assholes will be there for as long as there are people around (clue: you're probably somebody's asshole too). There are people out to get you and its not just paranoia.

Whether you want to do something about things or not, however, is up to you.

Life was never designed to be fair. It's a game of whoever fights or fights dirty wins. As for me, I've learned to live with it and move on.

That said, I'm calling quits on something I held with high optimism for a while and I'm cutting my losses because I've clearly lost, fairly or not. If there's one feature of life that I like, it's that you don't need to break even to quit anything.

Losers never quit. Winners never lose.


rei said...

ohh, . . (~_~)

iba ang naiisip ko, . ./swt

wala lang~

dadating din siya kuya, . .

kung sino man siya, . .

hindi man siguro siya, .


God Bless!~

[nyay,.. don't mind me,. . /omg trip ko lang manggulo,..x_x ]

redkinoko said...


No no nothing like that, but thanks for worrying.


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