Dreaming Of Titanic

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I had a dream last night. I was in the last moments of Titanic just as it was about to sink, talking to the captain of the ship. "Take all the women and children to the life boats," he said with a weary voice, "There's something I have to do."

I nodded and replied, "Whatever floats your boat."

I woke up after talking to him, but he probably didn't appreciate what I said. Some people can be cold like that. (specially when they're dead)

I think I'm going to watch Titanic again, just to make sure I didn't accidentally timetravel and change the plot of the highest grossing film of all time.

Did I tell you Tiger Woods was there too? Funny because I don't even remember Tiger Woods' face in particular. But he was there anyway. Maybe because I felt that all movies should have at least one black person in every film - the way Hollywood intended it.

I wonder if he felt bad about time travelling too? I bet that would mess up his golf because back then, black people weren't allowed to play golf (or own anything - not even a golf club) until very recently. Also, because he had 4 legs in my dream.

This is probably one of the most random posts I've made in a very long time. But that's okay I guess. When you've just come back from 1913, anything is excusable.

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