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Monday, May 21, 2007

(some sections of this log were edited for privacy and censorship purposes. last thing I want is somebody going North Korea on my ass for being too racist. Im not racist. I hate all races equally.)
[12:32] Maria: i wana play the typing of the dead somethng
[12:37] nefasturis: ill give you a copy once school starts
[12:37] nefasturis: jan ka lang naman sa kabila nakatira eh
[12:37] Maria: haha
[12:37] Maria: yayyyyyyyyyy!
[12:37] Maria: sounds fun eh
[12:37] Maria: and it will enhance my typing skills!
[12:37] Maria: hahaha
[12:38] nefasturis: yes it will
[12:38] nefasturis: for more chatting satisfaction
[12:38] Maria: wooot
[12:38] Maria: il be moving to my dorm na on tues
[12:39] nefasturis: magisa ka lang dun?
[12:39] Maria: so far yeah. kc iba kong roomates wala pa.
[12:39] nefasturis: pero kilala mo na sila?
[12:39] Maria: not yett
[12:39] Maria: the other one is korean!
[12:40] nefasturis: lol koreans are cool
[12:40] nefasturis: i mean, they like worship starcraft or something
[12:40] Maria: hahaha
[12:40] nefasturis: I only know three things about koreans. They play starcraft, they do taekwondo, and they like kimchi
[12:41] Maria: and their trying to take over the world!
[12:41] nefasturis: ive yet to live with a korean (both north and south varieties)
[12:41] Maria: hahaha
[12:41] nefasturis: anyway for roommate control, dala ka lang ng lysol sa dorm
[12:41] Maria: yes yes
[12:42] nefasturis: nothing keeps unwatned friends away more effectively than lysol
[12:42] Maria: hahahaha
[12:42] nefasturis: wannabefriend: hi trish, my name is sandara...
[12:42] Maria: pede sya maging ad
[12:42] Maria: hahah
[12:42] nefasturis: trish: *sprays Lysol*
[12:42] Maria: hahahaha
[12:42] nefasturis: sandara: AAAAGH MY FACE
[12:42] nefasturis: end of story.
[12:42] Maria: WOOOT! I SO ROCK FOR THAT
[12:42] Maria: hahaha
[12:43] nefasturis: i doubt she'll ever want to borrow your stuff, eat your food or get into small talk with you ever again.
[12:43] nefasturis: EVER
[12:43] Maria: good goood
[12:43] Maria: hahaha
[12:43] nefasturis: you should learn to housetrain roommates.
[12:43] Maria: 3 kami sa room ,the korean is from benilde.
[12:43] Maria: hahaha. theres a training ? haha
[12:43] nefasturis: like if they do something bad, get a stick, hit them in the face and say "Bad roommate! Bad roommate!"
[12:43] nefasturis: "Now sit!'"
[12:43] Maria: hahahhaha
[12:44] Maria: thats sooo meaaaann! haha
[12:44] nefasturis: if she doesnt obey, hit her in the face again, just to make sure you mean business.
[12:44] Maria: hahahha
[12:44] nefasturis: YOu have to show these people who's boss.
[12:44] nefasturis: and nothing more easily does that than doing the old stick-hits-face-at-120-kmph method.
[12:44] Maria: soooo evillll reddd! ahaha
[12:44] nefasturis: it's a time tested techinique dating back to the spanish era
[12:44] Maria: hahahaha
[12:45] nefasturis: back then there were no emo kids or MTV so we know for a fact that this method is Very effective
[12:45] Maria: so your saying korean roomates are like dogs haha
[12:45] Maria: hmm, they shoul bring it back then
[12:45] nefasturis: all roommates should be housetrained regardless of nationality
[12:45] Maria: hahaha
[12:45] nefasturis: its our duty as the new generation to make sure some traditions dont die out.
[12:45] Maria: hahaha

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