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Monday, May 28, 2007

Here's something I learned a couple of hours ago. There's nothing that straights your priorities up like driving around half-tipsy on a rainy night at 3 in the morning with just-as-drunk friends on a poorly lit road that you're not familiar with, and just right after not sleeping for a record three days.

I could've sworn I saw my life flashing before my every eyes at every corner, turning red and passing right by me. Or maybe those were stoplights. I couldn't really remember.

What I do remember was feeling like Colin McRae while driving because of the very bumpy ride I was experiencing at some point of my drive. I was actually wondering why other cars in other lanes seemed to be having no problem breezing through the roads when theyre not even as equiped for rough roads as the vehicle I was using.

I wondered, at least until I realized that my "lane" was a vacant unashpalted patch of land beside the actual road and I was plowing through the water-filled shoulder already.

Three detours later, thanks to my [sarcasm]ever reliable[/sarcasm] set of drunktard navigators, I was able to finally reach the destination. After which, I told myself, I need to make sure if ever this happens again, I have all my life's goals over and done with, will prepared and testaments done.

But as with everything realized while in state of tipsiness, it's just not as moving enough and you just end up saying to yourself a couple of hours after "HOLY SHIT. That was stupid."

Never ever drink and drive. The only thing worse than stupidity is stupidity going at 80kmph on a half-ton potential killing machine. That and Vina Morales.

p.s. I'm not dead yet, but I figure it's the best time to get comprehensive insurance.


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Grey Colored Glasses said...

This reminds me of the time I came home very, very drunk from a wedding reception and absolutely don't remember how I got home. Luckily, after checking the car, it doesn't look like anything happened. I certainly won't do that again soon.

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