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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still more self-made quotable stuff from the page status, my ym status and generally anywhere I can write something without serving prison sentence. Quote tag has been placed for reference on other previous articles like this one.

Beware the ignorant enemy. The less he knows the faster he learns.

Beware the opportunity. It moves on.

I'm not saying that idiot is the devil. I'm just saying if he and Satan were to meet, I wouldn't be half surprised to see brotherly hugs.

It's a dark age for the real men, like Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, and Cynthia Luster.

I listened to the words of the nightingale's song carefully. It sang "Isn't it weird that I'm actually making sense to you?"

When I waltzed into the room and found her lying on the table naked as if to tease me, I could've sworn she didn't look a day older than the first time I made love to her - from the top of her hair to the tag on her toes.

After you stole my heart away, I cant help think there's yet another girl in this
whole thing. After all, thieves rarely act alone.

Part of being a good performer lies in knowing when the curtains come down, young Thames. The next part is knowing how to walking away before you get hurt.

One has to wonder which is stronger, the need to feel wanted or the want to feel needed?

Dont cross me. I have a black belt in fung shui. I'll badluck your ass six ways from sunday. http://redkinoko.blogspot.com

I dont know, maybe I don't feel like it. Or maybe, I just find it hard to take people named "Wiwiw" seriously. http://redkinoko.blogspot.com

Saying you play ragnarok for the story is like saying you're smoking for its nutritional value.

Why did good lumberjacks become extinct? Because keyloggers are prohibited.

I sometimes think of putting a condom inside my PC to get that extra protection.

In the long run it'll all be better.
In the long run we'll all be dead so it doesn't matter anyway.

hunting for software cracks is like looking for the perfect girlfriend in africa. it's hard to find something that suits your purposes and you do find it, chances are it has a virus.

Whatever floats your boat (clue: not iceberg)

people who take your breath away should be charged with attempted murder.
people who steal your heart should be be charged with theft
people who come into your life and then walk away like nothing happened should be charged with trespassing
people who stick their penis in your asshole while youre sleeping should be charged with rape.

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never won at all.

Never let the sun set on an argument - unless you're arguing about the direction where the sun sets.

If you were a mcdonad's tread I'd call you mcstabber. All the treachery served in half the time.

Mactan is not a McDonald's food item.

Trophy wives are cool but I'm not sure if I can bear sleeping in a shelf.

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