Red's Law of Chronorelational Placemats

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The more complex the design of the placemat on your table, the longer it takes for you to get the food you ordered. Like if for example you see crayons being handed out to you in Burgoo, that's a bad sign. If your placemat has a "spot the difference" puzzle like Pizza Hut a couple of years ago, that's a bad sign.

If you see an intermediate sodoku puzzle printed on your placemat, walk away.

Just walk away.

It'd be so much faster waiting for a regime change than waiting for your food to get there. And you'll feel much better for it too. (i.e. you wont starve to death if you eat your food with Arroyo still in power)

Conversely, if you see your placemat is just plain white paper, you can assume that food will be delivered so fast, you won't have time even to order. The moment you plaec your order, the bill's being handed out to you already.

Or something like that.

Try Jatujak's in Mall of Asia for those blank placemats.

Pretty fast for a Thai resto.

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