Gumby Sucks

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I think I'm not alone when I say that Gumby is probably one of the laziest animated shows that I've seen on TV. Just look at him. He's green clay with a face drawn on him. It doesn't take a genius to figure out he's not too far different from the original bar of clay that you'll be getting of you buy green clay from a bookstore.

I heard they once tried to make a "make-your-own-gumby" lookalike contest. Everybody won - including people who just bought the clay and didn't do anything to make it look different.

Come to think of it, every character in that show is lazy. Even the bad guys, called the Blockheads. They're characters with *gasp* block heads. And if that doesn't get lazy enough, the two blockheads are completely identical. A bunch of uninnovative assholes are running this show, I tell you.

And is it just me or does gumby look tad bit like a bad escher fusion of marijuana and whoever smokes marijuana? Bloodshot eyes, bright green colour, hallucinogenic animation - maaan, does Gumby suck or what?

Then I remember this show is from Britain, from the same wankers who take pride in their most creative culinary dish: fish and chips. Fish. And. Chips. But I guess if you're constantly being bombarded by boring shit like Thomas the Talking Train and Hugh Grant, you'd start thinking Gumby is totally rad.

Well not really, I'd probably think Gumby still sucks.

I normally have high tolerances for bad things, but this character is just unbelievably sucky.

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