Which Online Quiz Type Are You?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Remember my ranting about how those question and answer things are stupid, pretentious, and attention-whore material? Well there's one other thing online that can beat that.

Online quizzes.

Online quizzes are like forwarded question and answer things, except lazier, because everything comes as multiple choice. Instead of sparing a few synaptic impluse fluid transfer cascades to answer the questions, the user is now just clicking away the answer of his/her/its choice.

And it seems, there's just a quiz for just about anything, from "Which Saint is best for you?" to "Which used condom flavour are you?" As if that's not bad enough, these things seem to clutter every single braindead blog I'm unlucky enough to come across in this internet.

Maybe someday a quiz will be made that will give me something like this. For the sake of being irate, I'll even answer it myself. I want the quiz result to look somewhat like this:

Which Online Quiz Type Are You?

You are the stupid random quiz that has absolutely no use in this world other than becoming filler for stupid drool-gargling internet users who have nothign better to put in their blogs due to the lack of brain activity. Your results are forced and totally unrelated to the the questions that have been asked and they only reason why you have more appeal than a week-old cabbage is that you have cute pictures of some trademarked character that was probably stolen from some other website. The questions that you ask dumb down whoever answers it, and requires no more than a pulse to analyze and circumvent. You are pointless, stupid, and a waste of time but fret not, seek solace in the thought that 90% of the internet population are keyboard-chewing retards who can't see you for your real value. Now go choke on your mouse.


Fuck internet online quizzes. It gives stupid people more reason to clutter the goddamn intarweb.

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