Alternative Fuels

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We should start considering if these things can be turned into alternatives to fossil fuel because we're definitely not running out of these anytime soon:

- Texters who think theyre being stolen from by Globe when the company pulled out the unlimitext promo.

- Bloggers who keep on repeating Richard Gomez should not run because he has no credentials as though nobody's really stated the obvious before.

- Bloggers who think searching the net for random videos and articles and reposting it on their site is synonymous to writing.

- The massive amount of "awww", "asa" and "wa" words being generated by Filipino chatters/gamers/e-tards every minute.

- Chain messages.

- Inconsiderate cavemen who think chain messages are real and forward them to everybody else.

- Drivers who don't know the logic of the "passing lane".

- People who think "assassin" is the same occupation as "hitman". (protip: theyre not)

- Ever increasing flashes of the obvious by political thinkers online.

- Stupid people in general. ( Though I wouldn't encourage openly burning them. That's my air they'll be contaminating.)

- Programs I have to code.

Speaking of which, I best be getting back to work.

Yeah, yeah, I'll be writing something with more content tomorrow or on Friday or whenever I get free time.

Also, a completely unrelated public service reminder:


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