The Ones Killed By Piracy And Time

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For those of you who are too young to remember (and probably have never been to the province), once upon a time, we didn't have those fancy printed movie posters to tell us what was showing in the local cinemas. We had huge canvases of handpainted movie posters that ranged from artistic to picasso-on-crack in terms of artistic accuracy. It was the fanart of its time, except the guys who got commissioned to do the paintings weren't really fans.

There are very few of these billboards/posters now, mainly because of cheapening costs of large-scale prints and partly because of the death of our local movie industry from piracy. Nowadays, there are so few of these pieces, I had to borrow off from another country using the same practice as ours to show you examples. Apparently, they also used to do this in Russia, and these colorful canvases are now being sold as art pieces for hundreds of dollars.

Good ones are works of art. The bad ones are just pure comedy. It's win-win publicity.

Here are some examples.

Man in black with bloated ass and robotic gun arm, part 2.

Terminator 3, subtitled "Zorro Has A Drill But No Hat",
back to back with The Fast And the Furious 3
(and the missing steering wheel)

X-Men's Sabertooth is the prince of Troy in Troy.

50 First Dates, Directors Cut.
(featuring: Lucy with more extensive brain damage
and Puerto Rican Adam Sandler)

Matrix 3. This classic work of art Neo with what appears to be
beer-wasted human torch and an appendage
shaped like a member of the russian mafia holding a gun.

See what I mean? Priceless.
Special thanks to for the images.

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