Love Lost, Friendship Regained.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's funny how they say once you've started falling for somebody it's impossible to become friends again. This, specially after endings you weren't expecting. But sometimes, I think the best friends that you can have are those you're positively sure you cannot end up with. Because when the air of pretension is gone, all that's left is true, honest friendship.

I'd like to think that of forlorn love. An opportunity to gain a good friend.

And yes, I don't want to discount the fact that two people who've had a past can fall in love with each other again. It's very much possible. But if that were to happen it would be under completely different circumstances. And it will be more like two strangers finding themselves in love rather than two old acquaintances rekindling a failed flame.

Because that's what change and time does. It gives people second chances they didn't think possible. So instead of sulking from a faild first chance, keep moving. you just might get a second one without even noticing it.

And then you two can go laugh again like nothing's ever happened.

That, in my opinion, is a very good feeling.

(Yesterday, I got to chat with somebody from college that I really liked for quite a while. Though I never really got to the point that I wanted to court her, there was still this feeling of awkwardness in me that made conversing with her tricky. At least until yesterday. And yes, I realize that she may be reading this at about the same time as you are, but I guess it's okay. It's not like I'm hiding facts ^__^ )


emmie johnson said...

Thanks for this wonderful post.Its honest and filled with genuine thoughts. Good luck to you.
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Janos said...

I wholeheartedly agree. If you still remember the days in WuFei Boards (While Cellar). -nayntin- and me had something like that.

We're still friends though :)

redkinoko said...

Yeah I remember that one particular episode too.

Robert said...

I appreciate ur noble thought..I know many of us still think that after falling in love one cannot regain the friendship they had if they have a relation break up...I guess thats tough but as is rightly said...nothing is impossible in this if given a try one can and then its upto them to wash out the bitterness and fill up the rebirth of their relation with sweetness...good post...drop my me if u wanna check out some cool stuffs on friendship :)

Robert said...

Good post.. But however i dont really agree that old lovers can be best buddies later on.. somewhere or the other the love factor remains which one can never drive out..anyways check out My Blog on Friendship and Friendship cards..take care. ciao

Newtype said...


Anonymous said...

BUT "how can you assume to be friends with someone when all you think about when you look at him is how much more you really want?"

esp when "you're still not over him" ,then of course you cannot help but to SULK over & over's inevitable my hon!(remember these lines? INEVITABLE IS MY GLOOM,FOR MY LONGING IS ALL IN VAIN...) oh well...this is just my point of view...

peace out! :)


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