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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just the routine periodical digest of quotes, status messages, and one-liners I've made for the status message of this blog and my yahoo messenger. Again, all of these are originals and none of these were made to be taken seriously. If in case you find a quote appealing enough to be copied, LOL.

I used to think Celeron was an autobot who can transform into a vegetable.

Every decision is a blind corner. We should learn to listen to others who can see what we're getting into.

And then you realize that the true power of love is not in how much it can change you, but in how much you can change somebody you'd think you've absolutely no power over.

Where there's a will, trite parody ensues.

I'm so manly, when i cry man tears, semen comes out.

There are three ways to get something done: Do it yourself, forbid your children to do it, tell an engineer it's possible. (adapted)

The true tragedy of the sought-after bridge is that nobody ever really comes for it , but for what's beyond it.

Childhood dreams fade the moment you learn you cant save everybody everytime

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the burning house.

A scarred heart bruises less.

No war is every won without somebody deciding to lose

If pirates are producing the pirated, I should belong to the exrates.

If less is more, how much "more or less"?

Having my quotes quoted makes me the father of a kid right after he gets adopted.

Wait, we're celebrating Chinese New Year Even when we're not Chinese and it's not New Year?

Nobody calls Christmas "Pagans-who-dont-get-gifts-from-men-in-red Awareness Day". Stop calling Valentine's "Single Awareness Day" Losers need not be reminded of their sucky states. We have Mtv for that purpose.

If ever vegetables rule the world, I can safely say "I never willingly ate your kind"

If ever the world will be ruled by vegetables I'll bet the Onions will be leading opposition

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