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Friday, September 03, 2010

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Philippine Road Rules

Ever since moving to my new company, I've started driving again. (Yes, yes, my carbon footprint grew larger - presumably to a size 11, UK) Doing so has reminded me of why it really sucks to be driving in probably the most hellish roads in any Christian nation.

1. The space between two lanes serves as a safety buffer between cars passing by those lanes. They are not, according to scientists at the Insitute of Common Fucking Sense, turbo lanes that motorcyclists can use at their leisure. Doing so turns these lifesaving bufferzones into potential killzone that can turn a motorcycle from horsepower to horsefeed in a matter of seconds.

2. Contrary to what people think, drivers are not machines. They require a certain amount of time before they can react. Changing lanes as abrupt as Loren Legarda changes political ideologies without sending any signals before hand can be very dangerous.

3. You know, those engineers over at the safety section of the automotive company that made your car didn't choose the current light bulb settings in your car for the heck of it. Maybe, we should consider for a moment that, like, maybe these guys actually spent hundreds of hours trying to balance out your ability to see better at night and the ability of cars ahead of you to not develop eye tumors by seeing your headlamps from 5 kilometers away.

4. Pedicabs should be outlawed on all major roads. As it stands, there are times when pedicabs now outnumber pedestrians on certain intersections. We should start finding other uses for them - like mobile army support or something.

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